Training is the basic building block for safe work habits and a safe work environment. Training is the foundation of a quality work place in industry, government, and public safety.

We proudly announce that by the Grace of Almighty Allah we have made the Modern Fire & Safety Training Center at Korangi, Karachi. This Training Center has been developed to deliver the quality training on Fire & Safety to our people to enhance their ability to protect life, property and the environment.

The inauguration ceremony of Training Center was arranged on March 31, 2007. City Nazim of Karachi was the Chief Guest of the event.

Fire can only be fought through knowledge and experience. There are two factors that play a big role in fire protection:

  1. The right equipment.
  2. People with the right training and know-how, and the willingness to use the equipment.

This is where our training philosophy begins. The best fire suppression equipment in the world is of little value if the people can’t use it properly. Over the years, we have found that there are some basic principles that have to be understood by the trainee to use the equipment successfully.

The key objective of any training program is to provide the information that will enable the trainee to evaluate the problem and make the right decision without endangering personal safety.

It is not the goal of our training center to make an expert firefighter out of the trainee. That capability comes only with years of experience and dedication. However, when an individual will complete the program, he or she will have the confidence and experience to make that decision based on first-hand experience.

We have started the basic training courses including Basic Fire Fighting, First Responder, Emergency Response Team Development, Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, First Aid etc. These trainings will be carried out mainly for Industrial workers, company’s employees, students of Schools, Colleges and Universities. We want that every one should at least know how to use the extinguishers, what to do in case of fire and how to prevent fire incidents.

In the next phase, we are planning for Advance Trainings including Advance Fire Fighting, Confined Space Entry, Fall Protection, Hazardous Materials, Risk Assessment, Industrial Incident Management etc.

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