Releasing Control Panel

The Potter Model PFC-4410-RC is a microprocessor based multihazard releasing control panel for use on pre-action and deluge type sprinkler systems as well as chemical extinguishing systems.The model PFC-4410-RC is Underwriters Laboratories Listed and complies with UL Standard 864 for Local Control Units for Releasing Service. It is designed to be compatible with the requirements of:
NFPA-12, NFPA-12A, NFPA-13, NFPA-15, NFPA-16, NFPA-17,NFPA-17A, NFPA-72, NFPA-750, and NFPA-2001.
The PFC-4410-RC is housed in a steel cabinet with removable door and key lock. Standard fi nish is off-white with gray and red trim. Red cabinets with black and white trim are also available. A matching bezel is available as an option for semi-flush mounting in a wall. The cabinet will house up to a 12AH standby battery which is capable of powering the unit in excess of 90 hours.

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