AFFF UL Listed & Military Specs

ANSULITE® 3% (AFC-5-A) Premium AFFF Concentrate is formulated from specialty fluorochemical and hydrocarbon type surfactants along with solvents. It is transported and stored as a concentrate to provide ease of use and considerable savings in weight and space.It is intended for use as a 3% proportioned solution in fresh, salt or hard water. (Water hardness should not exceed 500 ppm expressed as calcium and magnesium.) It may also be used and stored as a 3% premixed solution in fresh or potable water only. The correct proportioning or mixture ratio is 3 parts of concentrate to 97 parts of water.Three fire extinguishment mechanisms are in effect when using ANSULITE 3% AFFF (AFC-5-A). First, an aqueous film is formed which works to help prevent the release of fuel vapor. Second, the foam blanket from which the film-forming liquid drains effectively excludes oxygen from the fuel surface. Third, the water content of the foam provides a cooling effect.


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